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Ailing lioness dies in Gorakhpur Zoo


Gorakhpur, April 2

Mariam, a lioness in the Ashfaq Ullah Khan Zoological Park in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorkhpur, died on Monday, said officials.

Mariam’s cremation took place in Ashfaq Ullah Khan Zoological Park.

Yogesh Pratap Singh, Veterinarian Ashfaq Ullah Khan Zoological Park, said, “Lioness Mariam, living in Ashfaq Ullah Khan Zoological Park, has died after prolonged illness. Mariam was very unwell for the last month and was not able to eat or drink anything and was being treated by the doctors of the zoo.”

“Mariam was brought to Ashfaq Ullah Kha Zoological Park from Etawah Safari Park on February 28, 2021, along with Lion Pataudi,” the doctor added.

“When Mariam came here to Gorakhpur Zoological Park, she was about 15 to 16-years-old. The average age of the lions living in this zoological park is 17 to 18 years. Mariam was more than 17-years-old. Due to her ill health, we did not take Mariam to the main enclosure and looked after her. Over the past month, her health had worsened and Mariam had stopped eating and drinking,” he said.

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