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Australian govt reverses cancellation of Palestinians’ visas


Canberra, March 18

The Australian government has reinstated cancelled visas for some Palestinians fleeing Gaza.

Rasha Abbas, executive director of the Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA) group, said on Monday that eight of the 11 Palestinians whom her organisation was supporting after their Australian visas were cancelled without warning have had them reinstated, Xinhua news agency reported.

The federal government faced criticism earlier in March over the decision to revoke the visas, which left some Palestinians stranded in a third country before being notified of the cancellation.

In letters sent to some of those whose visas were cancelled, the Department of Home Affairs alleged they were planning to breach the terms of their visitor visa by staying in Australia longer than allowed.

“We are delighted and happy that they are able to travel to Australia,” Abbas told Nine Entertainment newspapers.

“We are working through booking the flights for them and we will work with the government on the process for the remaining visa holders,” Abbas added.

The Australian government has granted 2,200 visas for Palestinians and 2,400 for Israelis since the outbreak of the current conflict in Gaza.

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