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Drake promises to pay off home mortgage of a fan’s late mother


Los Angeles, March 4

Grammy winner Drake took a moment during his latest concert to promise a fan that he would pay off their late mother’s house mortgage.

During his performance at Kansas City, Missouri, Drake paused the show to talk to concert-goers and promised to pay off the mortgage of one fan’s late mother.

A video is doing the rounds on X (formerly called Twitter), where the ‘God’s Plan’ hitmaker handed a note from a person in the front row of his concert.

After opening it up, Drake asked, “This is it?”

“You said, ‘(Pay) off my mom’s house, rest in peace’. Your mom passed away? Alright. And you owe… Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here,” he said.

“This is a lot of money right here. But you know what, Imma pay off your momma’s house for you,” Drake promised, reports people.com.

He then shared that the fan was asking him to donate “160 bands” or $160,000 to the cause.

“Imma pay out of my pocket. That’s gonna come from me. Rest in peace to your momma,” Drake said.

He added: “Hold on, wait. Rest in peace to Jennifer Schumer. Rest in peace. I love you.”

The rapper’s mortgage promise comes just days after he promised to give another fan $25,000, after she brought a sign detailing her cancer journey.

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