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UN envoy calls to build strong, united Libya


Tripoli, Feb 18

Abdoulaye Bathily, special representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), has called on Libyan leaders to come together to build a strong, united and resilient Libya.

“It is imperative that Libyan leaders acknowledge their responsibility and be held accountable for their decisions and actions, as they directly impact the lives of the Libyan people. They must come together, settle all politically contentious issues, and agree on a way forward to build a strong, united, and resilient Libya,” Bathily said on Saturday in a statement on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the February 17 revolution.

Bathily warned that the current status quo poses a significant threat to the unity of Libya, stressing that the fragility of its institutions and the deep divisions within the nation represent grave risks to its stability, Xinhua news agency reported.

“The Libyan people have endured prolonged waiting and cannot accept any further delays in the formation of a unified government that brings together all regions East, West, and South to rebuild the social fabric and economy and restore the sovereignty and dignity of the nation,” the statement said.

Bathily reiterated UNSMIL’s commitment to supporting the Libyan people in their pursuit of peace, justice, legitimate institutions, and inclusive governance.

The February 17 revolution in 2011 between the forces of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime and armed rebels ended with the fall of Gaddafi’s regime.

Since then, Libya has fallen into a state of political instability and chaos as the North African country struggles to make a democratic transition.

Libya failed to hold general elections in December 2021 as previously scheduled due to disagreements among the Libyan parties over election laws.

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