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Rift widens between top Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismael Haniyeh


Tel Aviv, Feb 15

With ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas in the ongoing war in Gaza Strip not progressing, cracks seem to have surfaced in the top leadership of Hamas.

According to sources in Israel Military Intelligence and Shin Bet- Israel intelligence agency, the top two leaders of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar and Ismael Haniyeh, are not seeing eye to eye.

Israel has abruptly called off the ceasefire talks after intelligence information that cracks have appeared in Hamas leadership and Israel is waiting for an opportunity to garner advantage in mediatory talks once the cracks widen to a point of no return.

According to Israel intelligence sources, Yahya Sinwar widely believed to be the man behind the October 7 massacre and who is on the run in Gaza eagerly want a six week ceasefire, Ismael Hanieyh who is the political head of Hamas wants a permanent solution or rather the Israel troops pulling out of Gaza strip.

Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant had publicly stated that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would kill Sinwar.

In a press statement on Tuesday night, the IDF spokesman, Real Admiral Daniel Hagari had openly said that the IDF was closing in on Sinwar and would capture him dead or alive.

Sinwar is on the run in Gaza shifting his base from one tunnel network to the other, while Haniyeh, the political head of Hamas, is enjoying a comfortable life in Doha, capital of Qatar.

In the recent ceasefire talks held at Cairo, Hanieyeh took all the decisions and scuttled the peace talks.

Israel intelligence, according to sources, have information that this has angered Sinwar and his brother Mohammed Sinwar who himself is also a powerful voice in the Hamas leadership.

Sinwar was shifting his base from Khan Younis area to Rafah border but the IDF has now entered Rafah and fighting is on in the area.

If Sinwar and Haniyeh continue to fight, the peace talks with Israel at the behest of the US, Egypt and Qatar will be scuttled.

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