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First gold mine auction in Rajasthan soon


Jaipur, Feb 15

Rajasthan mining department is all set to create history as it will start a gold mine auction for the first time in the state in the Banswara district’s Bhukia-Jagpura area.

The department has made all preparations for the e-auction of these mines and necessary information will be made available on the portal within a month, said Anandi, Secretary, Rajasthan Mines Department.

She said on Wednesday, “There are huge reserves of gold in the 14 square kilometer area of Bhukia-Jagpura of Ghatol tehsil in Banswara.

“After extensive exploration in this area, a preliminary estimate of 113.52 million tonnes of gold ore has been made, in which the amount of gold metal has been estimated at 222.39 tonnes. According to a rough estimate, during the mining of gold ore here, more than 1 lakh 74 thousand tonnes of copper, more than 9,700 tonnes of nickel and more than 13,500 tonnes of cobalt mineral will be obtained.

“Both the blocks are being finalised for auction by the state government’s Rajasthan State Mineral Exploration Trust RSMET.”

The tender for auction will be launched on the Government of India’s e-portal in about a month with the completion of the necessary formalities for the e-auction of two gold mines.

The Mines Secretary said, “We are preparing on a war footing for the auction of the state’s first gold mines in Bhukia-Jagpura of Banswara,

“Along with gold, abundant quantities of copper, nickel and cobalt minerals will be obtained from these gold mines in. This will create unprecedented opportunities for direct and indirect employment along with new investments in many industries, including electronic, petroleum, petrochemical, battery, etc., in the country and the state. Along with copper industries, the availability of copper as raw material will increase in the electronic sector, while nickel will provide a boom to the battery industry, coin minting, electronic industry, etc.

“Cobalt can be used in airbags, petrochemical industry, etc., and the dependence on foreign countries for the supply of their raw materials will be reduced. New investment in industries related to copper, nickel and cobalt in the state will generate abundant opportunities for revenue and direct and indirect employment,” the officials added.

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