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Wani, Bhalla others attend Congress Screening Committee meeting in New Delhi Charan Dass urges JKPCC leaders to gear up activities ahead of forthcoming Parliament elections


Wani, Bhalla others attend Congress Screening Committee meeting in New Delhi Charan Dass urges JKPCC leaders to gear up activities ahead of forthcoming Parliament elections

New Delhi: JKPCC President Vikar Rasool Wani, JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla, Nawang Ringzin Zora, and Asgar Ali Karbalai today attended Congress Screening Committee meeting convened by Bhakta Charan Das AICC Spokesperson Ex MP, Neeraj Dangi Member of Rajya Sabha,Bharatsinh Solanki Incharge J&K in New Delhi today.The Congress leaders apprised Solanki about political scenario and ongoing organizational activities of the party. The leaders also put forth their suggestions for strengthening the party in J&K.

Bhakta Charan Das AICC Spokesperson Ex MP, while addressing JKPCC leaders, advised to unitedly fight the anti people & anti youth policies of the ruling BJP and defeat their divisive agenda in Jammu and Kashmir, to strengthen the party and gear up their activities keeping an eye on the forthcoming Parliament elections. He asked leaders to concentrate in their respective areas and be amongst the people to highlight their problems. “The BJP has been emphasizing on double engine Government – same party rule at the Centre and in J&K – claiming that it would ensure faster development. Recent reports of the Central Government’s agencies showed J&K Government as a failure on almost all indicators. Whenever Govt is asked about it, it has expressed its ignorance. This shows that BJP Government is not serious about meeting the basic needs of the people,” Das said.

Speaking on the occasion, Neeraj Dangi Member of Rajya Sabha claimed that so far BJP rule has been of “mismanagement, immense despair and agony” and the country today stands at a stage where the common people are suffering from the wounds inflicted by the government whereas Congress has been continuing its efforts to listen to grievances of aggrieved people in various areas of J&K.He said politics of disorientation and false propaganda have become the hallmark of the functioning of the Modi government. “The tenth year of Modi government stands at a stage where the citizens of the country are forced to suffer the countless wounds and ruthless insensitivity inflicted by the government,” he charged.

Solanki exhorted party leaders to get united to fight the BJP’s “wrong and anti-people policies,” urging them to strengthen the Congress party at grass roots, as that, it is the Congress Party which has served and shall continue to serve the people.Solanki criticized the misgovernance of the BJP regime due to which the common masses are feeling cheated. He blamed the Government for failing to tackle prices and making life difficult for the common man. He further said that public grievances are mounting every day but the BJP Government has remained unmoved. He said that public issues and grievances are piling up with the passage of every day but the Govt has failed to solve the basic issues.He said that Centre should accept the demand for restoration of statehood to J&K in the interest of the Constitution and democracy. He accused BJP Govt in J&K of being a total failure on all fronts, especially employment generation.

Earlier JKPCC President slammed BJP for dividing and downgrading the J&K into UT to serve its political agenda. He said Congress Party is capable enough to fight against the BJPs vendetta politics, it will continue to highlight the price hike, rising unemployment, lack of development, misuse of agencies against the opponents at every appropriate forum to make BJP accountable and answerable to people. He lashed out at the Central Govt for the unprecedented price hike and record unemployment besides failing to address the grievances of people of J&K on every count after promising massive development post-August 5, 2019. Wani accused the central government of ruining the economy and destroying the business culture of the country. She slammed BJP government for plunging J&K into unprecedented political uncertainty by failing to maintaining law and order, adopting anti-people policies and indulging in politics of hate.

Bhalla speaking on the occasion claimed that people want change, as BJP has failed on all fronts of governance especially unchecked price rise, record unemployment besides other anti- employees, anti- trade, anti- poor politics in J&K. He said that people of all sections are completely fed up with the BJP’s performance in the Govt and its anti- youth, anti- poor and anti- people polices, as there is uncontrolled price rise, record unemployment in J&K, besides anti- employees, anti- trade, anti- farmers and anti- people policies of BJP. He said that Congress has been on fore front to oppose the anti- people policies being imposed on the people through back door by the bureaucrats Govt. Having failed to give employment to highest number of percentage of educated unemployed youth, the Centre Govt and UT Administration is beating about bushes and finding faults in the past Govts.

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