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BJP District Jammu South gave warm sent off to karsevaks:Rekha Mahajan 


BJP District Jammu South gave warm sent off to karsevaks:Rekha Mahajan 
Jammu, 27 Jan: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) District Jammu South, President Rekha Mahajan, gave a warm sent off to “Karsevaks” namely Jatinder Singh, Sultan Singh, Abhay Chib, Mahadev, Neeraj Deewan, Ritika Dihiman, Shivangi Dhiman, Kamlesh Mangotra and Ramesh Mangotra from Jammu Tawi Railway Station to Ayodhya to serve the devotees in Ram Temple. District Jammu South Prabhari Ayodhya Gupta and others were present on the occasion.
BJP District President Rekha Mahajan said, our Ram has arrived after a long wait, patience and sacrifices of centuries. She stated that after leading the rituals for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla at the newly-built temple in Ayodhya by PM Narendra Modi. Rekha Mahajan highlights that January 22 will not just be a date in the calendar but will mark the beginning of a new era. She remarked that “Even after thousands of years people will remember this date and moment. It’s Ram’s supreme blessings that we are witnessing it,” she added.
Rekha Mahajan enlightened all those who opposed the construction of Ram Temple, I want to appeal to them, Lord Rama is not fire, he is the source of energy and Lord Ram is not the problem, he is the solution for the universe. Furthermore, Rekha said that breaking the shackles of slavery, this auspicious temple is an emotional moment for all of Bharatvasis. Rekha Mahajan also attacked the fearmongers who opposed the construction of the Ram Temple and questioned the existence of Lord Ram.
Rekha recalling even after the Constitution came into existence, a legal battle was fought for decades over Lord Ram’s existence. I would like to thank the judiciary that delivered justice and Lord Ram’s temple was built legally. Rekha encouraged people to now lay the foundation of India for the next 1,000 years. “We shall take a pledge to build a capable, grand, divine India from this moment.

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