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UP: Muslim clerics ask people not to panic over CAA


Lucknow, March 12

Muslim clerics have urged people not to panic over the notification for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and to maintain peace and avoid rumours.

Following the Centre’s notification on the implementation of CAA, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali, Chairperson of Islamic Centre of India (ICI) and member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said in a video message: “It has been conveyed multiple times from responsible people that no one’s citizenship will be taken away. Hence, I appeal to everyone to maintain peace and tranquillity, and need not panic.”

“Once our legal committee studies the notification issued by the Central government, then only comments will be shared. However, we want to add that only those who issued the CAA notification can say anything about why the notification came during the elections,” he said.

Mahali added, “I also appeal to avoid making false statements or post anything on social media that may flare up any issue. We all should trust the law of the country.”

Shia cleric Maulana Yasoob Abbas said that there is no need to panic over the notification.

“All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board’s legal team will examine the notification to understand the nuances. We also request the government to take everyone in confidence before bringing in any law,” he said.

Mohsin Raza, the chairperson of Uttar Pradesh Haj Committee said that CAA is a law to give citizenship and not a law to take away anyone’s citizenship.

“This law will help to make someone your own. This law will help those people who have been persecuted for years and insulted in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan,” he said.

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