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On India trip, New Guinea resident gets entrepreneurship tips, vows to take home PM Modi’s message


New Delhi, Feb 21

Cynthia Changau, a resident of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific islands, who came to India for a training programme in entrepreneurship, was left enamored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s encouraging and motivating leadership and has now vowed to take home the message.

Cynthia Changau came to Gujarat recently for attending the Indian Technical and Corporation Programme (ITCP), a three-week course in entrepreneurship, in Ahmedabad.

Out of the 28 participants from various countries, she was the only resident of a Pacific island nation to attend the programme.

She told a local daily, ‘The National’, that she got highly impressed by the Indian Prime Minister’s persuasion of the common people in taking steps to realise their dreams, adding that she wanted such leadership to be ‘replicated’ in her country.

“Citizens must have a dream and if one has a dream, I will make that dream come true,” this part of PM Modi’s speech made a huge impact on Cynthia.

She also shared with the daily an example of how PM Modi encourages and inspires the local population for ‘becoming an agent of change, rather than waiting for change’.

“The Prime Minister once told people that cocoa should leave the country not as raw material, but as finished product. If it goes raw, we will create jobs for that country. But, processing it here will create jobs for the local population,” she said, recalling a portion of PM Modi’s speech, adding that her country should also adopt the same model of governance.

Having got training in ‘Knowledge and Education in Entrepreneurship’, Cynthia is now pushing her acquaintances and friends to join the programme. She informed that the entrepreneurship training programme by the Indian government is free of cost and anyone can avail its benefits by just making a formal application.

The 39-year-old woman runs a small firm and trains people on purchasing products online. With her enhanced knowledge, she now wants to train people in online shopping in her own country.

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