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Iraq, US resume dialogue on ending US-led coalition’s mission


Baghdad, Feb 12

Iraq and the US resumed a new round of dialogue to discuss ending the US-led international coalition’s mission in Iraq, the Iraqi government said.

Iraqi military spokesman Yahya Rasoul said on Sunday in a statement that the Higher Military Commission (HMC) resumed meetings with the international coalition side to assess the military situation, the level of threat posed by the Islamic State (IS) group, in addition to the capabilities of the Iraqi forces.

Rasoul said that based on these meetings, a timetable will be set for the gradual reduction of international coalition advisors in Iraq, leading to an end of the coalition mission of fighting IS and the transition to Iraq’s bilateral relations with coalition countries, Xinhua news agency reported.

The meetings with the international coalition will be held periodically to complete the commission work as quickly as possible, as long as nothing disturbs the meetings, Rasoul added.

On January 25, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Iraq agreed with the US to form the HMC to end the international coalition mission in Iraq and move their relationship to comprehensive bilateral relations with the coalition countries at the political, economic, cultural, security and military levels.

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