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Azad promises Land, Job protection laws, vows dignity for ST Community


Azad promises Land, Job protection laws, vows dignity for ST Community

Jammu Jan 29: Chairman DPAP Ghulam Nabi Azad addressed a public meeting in Chowadhi, Jammu today, highlighting the historical context of land and job rights granted by Maharaja Hari Singh, including state subject provisions. Azad emphasized his personal role in advocating for Article 370, questioning the Congress’s silence on the matter since his departure from the party. Assuring the public about the government’s commitment to reinstating statehood, Azad pledged to enact laws safeguarding land and job rights as a priority when elected to power. Expressing concern over derogatory remarks against the Gujjar community, he commended their resilience against militancy and promised to uplift them, ensuring respect and dignity. Azad criticized other political parties for exploiting the Gujjar community for electoral gains, contrasting his focus as CM on the Roshni Scheme and the allocation of free land to the homeless. He committed to revisiting and reinstating such initiatives. Rejecting religious-based politics, Azad affirmed his dedication to a development-centric agenda. He urged his party leaders to uphold non-discrimination and inclusivity, vowing representation for all communities in both party and government roles if elected. Azad underscores a development centric approach, aiming to eradicate poverty and unemployment. Highlighting the plight of highly educated youth facing joblessness, he emphasizes the need to address this issue. He expressed concern over the trend of awarding contracts to outsiders while locals remain overlooked. Azad said, his commitment lies in creating opportunities for local youth, ensuring that their skills are harnessed for the region’s development and prosperity. Azad emphasizes the need to transcend religious politics, urging a focus on people’s welfare. Having extensively toured every corner of the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, he acknowledges the widespread suffering shared by the residents. He underscores the importance of addressing the challenges faced by the people and working towards holistic solutions for the well-being of the region. He said, ‘Officers, mostly outsiders, lack the necessary experience and knowledge about Jammu and Kashmir, resulting in unaddressed public issues. We need more local officers and a local government to understand and tackle our unique challenges. This is why I stress the importance of early elections. Among others who were present in the public meeting are, Taj Mohiuddin Treasurer, R.S.Chib Gen Secretary, Jugal Kishore Sharma Provincial President, Anita Thakur Gen Secretary, Arvinder Singh Mickey Gen Secretary, Salman Nizami Chief Spokesperson, Ch Gharu Ram Zonal President, Ashok Sharma VP Province, Hira Lal Abrol Secretary, Ch Riyaz Niaz Secretary, Sobat Ali Gen Secretary ST, Sunita Arora, Distt Presidents Gourav Chopra, Thakur Raghvir Singh Distt Samba, Adv Masood Choudhary, President Women Wing Prabha Salathia, Zahid Sarfaraz Malik, Ashok Bhagat, Vishal Chopra, Kirtan Singh, Gurmeet Kaur, Barinder Partap Singh, Fatima Shikari, Farooq Shikari, and others.

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